What Are All Of The Bong Parts You Need To Know?

A new form of smoking device that is available for the dabbers is a bong. A bong can be defined as a water-filtered device which offers smooth, cleaner, and cooler smoke. However, the device can be very confusing for some people. Well, before you go ahead to buy bongs Canada, this blog will guide you through the different parts associated with it.


Some of the common shapes that one gets to see for bongs are


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This style of bongs comes with a wide base which leads up to a tube. The design of the bong offers a large volume of smoke and the density is very less.


This is another popular style of bong available in the market. Like beaker bongs, tube bongs don’t have a wide base. It offers a straight tube from the base to the mouthpiece. This style of bongs offers small volume and dense smoke.



You can buy bongs Canada which comes with an innovative base all over the place.

Different Parts

Now, if you are interested to know about the different parts of bongs, you can look below.


The bowl is the place where one places the thing that is going to be smoked.


Modern bongs don’t come with it. This component is used for clearing the smoke out of the bong. Or, it can also help to clear the pipe of a smoke.


This part is responsible for connecting the bowl and water reservoir. Without downstem, the smoke of the bong won’t be cooled down or aerated while passing through water. When you buy bongs Canada, you might find an alteration in traditional downstem that is often referred to as diffused downstem. Diffused downstem consists of many smaller holes which aerate the smoke so that it becomes more smooth, thick, and cool.


Stem Hole

It allows the downstem to connect to the base. It can be made of glass-on-glass or rubber seal.


It can come as the main chamber or separate chamber of the bong. It can help to oxygenate the smoke further. Basically, aerating allows breaking smoke into small bubbles and creating a large area of smoke which can be cooled down by water.

Ice Catcher

This part comprises of a cleft in the tube of a bong. Hence, one can place ice cubes inside the tube so that the smoke can pass.


When you buy bongs, you can find this added attachment. It acts as an extra chamber between the bowls. With it, the bong can be kept clean easily.

Carbon Filters

Another great attachment for buy bongs Canada is carbon filters. They are often used as a substitute to ashcatcher. The activated carbon filters the toxins so that healthy smoke is created.

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The clips are responsible for holding all bong attachments.

Male and Female Joints

When you buy bongs Canada, you will find these fittings. It can be referred to as the place where the attachments meet.

Hopefully, after learning about these different parts, your understanding for bongs won’t be any problem. Buy your bong and enjoy smoking.