Customize Your Way with Best Binders at Work

Binders can be defined as the covering which helps in holding loose sheets of paper. Binders are extremely useful because they help you to keep your important documents in an organized manner. By using a binder you can make sure that no important document is lost or damaged. Depending on your taste and preference you can decide on the kind of binder you want to opt for. You can also opt for custom binder in order to add a personal and unique touch to your document. By going through the points mentioned below, you can get an idea about the various kinds of binders which are available.

custom binders


Paper Over Board Ring Binders

The paper over board ring binder is extremely popular. This type of binder gives the user a lot of flexibility and you can choose the graphics and designs on the basis of your preference. The binding is done by wrapping printed laminated sheets over the board. The lining is done with a printer or plain liner sheet. By opting for a custom binder, you can make your document look unique.

Size of the Bindercustom binder

You can choose the size of your binder on the basis of your requirements. You can choose from A3, A4, A5 or portrait or any other sixe depending on your preference. The size of the ring is most important because it helps in determining the size of the binder. The standard binding sizes take in the paper in standard sizes. Yu can also come across two different sizes of Lever Arch Ring and you can opt for a custom binder.


The printed sheets can be matt or glossy but they should be laminated. It is better to avoid matte laminate because in case your design is of a dark color, the laminate gets marked at the point of contact. You can also provide your own prints and create your custom binder. You will be spoilt with choices when it comes to the various kinds of prints. You can opt for a plain white liner sheet which may or may not be laminated. You can also use a textured color plan in place of a laminated sheet. You can really create a unique look with the help of the color plan.


You can add adhesive ticket pockets to the spice region. You can also add a business card pocket or CD pocket within the back or front covers on the basis of your requirement. You can combine the options and can create the kind of binder you want to. You can opt for custom binder in order to make the document look unique.

In case you want to ensure the additional security of your documents, you should opt for slipcases. You can add additional spices in order to have the presence of an additional spring. The document closes with the help of hidden magnets and provides security to the document. You can also protect the document from any kind of external damage by option for this option.